Hiking El Torreón

For my records, I hiked El Torreon which is the highest point in Cadiz on 2017-11-01.

Lat/Lon: 36.76572°N / 5.42244°W

Location: Cadiz, Spain, Europe

Hike log: local_time, altitude

13:26, 0852m, START
15:27, 1337m
15:41, ????m, start lunch break
16:24, ????m, end lunch break
16:35, 1429m
17:19, 1584m
17:29, 1654m, SUMMIT TIME
17:39, 1654m, starting descend
18:25, ????m, sunset
19:01, 1235m, pitch black turn on frontal LEDs
19:35, 1067m
20:33, 0852m, FINISH

View from the top: