I wrote my first computer program in a ZX Spectrum +2, I was 4. It was a simple game where the computer would pick a random number between 0 and 9 and the user would have to guess it. Since then a lot of things have happened: many different computers, architectures, languages, a metric ton of books and reading material, operating systems, companies and technologies of all sort.

Things change quickly in the fast paced IT world, yet I am still fundamentally doing the same: I build, and I love it.

Fast-forward to present day. I have been living in Dublin (Ireland) since 2004. I now build web and mobile applications. I was fortunate enough to sense that the web would eventually devour desktop software and I switched from writing desktop based code to building websites, web portals and web applications. It turned out to be a winning strategy.

Just a couple years ago Stality was launched. We are an IT solutions company, offering IT services to SME in Dublin. Most of our time is spent building awesome web-based software platforms for our clients and taking care of the infrastructure that runs it.


I was born in Seville, (Spain). I have lived in many places for extended periods of time, among them: Almeria (Spain), Boise (ID, USA), Hamburg (Germany) and Dublin (Ireland).

Let me put it this way: if I were to win the lottery tomorrow I have notepads full of ideas I want to see built.

I would start hiring people and get busy doing stuff. I would probably afford the luxury of cherry picking what potential projects really interest me and what sort of people I want to have as clients and work closely with while building things.

Apart from IT, I also enjoy and appreciate science in general. Notably all things physics, math, engineering, architecture, astronomy, space exploration, etc. I also have a soft spot for philosophy.

I collect books, paper-based old fashioned books, too many of them to be honest; and wine! Spanish red wine mostly, whenever I can find good stuff in around Dublin.

If you are in Dublin and want to meet me professionally or otherwise see my contact page. I also visit Seville often.